Man Turns Airplane Into Dream Home

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When you picture your dream home, what comes to mind? For most people, the inside of an airplane is the furthest thing from the image of bliss that pops into their heads. For Bruce Campbell of Oregon, his dream home is a Boeing 727-200.

A few years ago Campbell purchased the aircraft for $100,000 and decided to gut it and create a living space. The airplane home, which still needs renovations to make it completely habitable, has running water and three restrooms (one of which is in working condition). It is also wired for electricity. While there is a shower, figuring out how to install plumbing remains a challenge. It also lacks sufficient privacy. Since the aircraft is in the woods, Campbell is not too concerned about the neighbors peeping in.

Campbell says his "experiment" to turn a plane into a home is not for everyone, but he "absolutely loves it." All the seats have been removed from the main cabin, so there's ample room to move around. He's also created a website that highlights different features of the home.

So why not live in a more traditional brick or wood home? Campbell says, "Wood is in my view a terrible building material. It biodegrades. It's termite chow, or it's firewood. Retired airliners are profoundly well-designed."

For entertainment, Campbell listens to his iPod, because there is no TV or radio in the plane. He also spends time in the cockpit, saying it has a bit of "magic" about it. How many other people can say that they have a cockpit in their dream home?


Zombie mania is taking over America, or at least the Internet. After last week's incident in Miami in which one man ate most of the face of another man, fear of this single cannibalistic act leading to a zombie apocalypse has spread. A new prank video on YouTube is not doing much to curb people's fears.

The video opens with creepy music and a warning to viewers: "Very dangerous Prank! Do not try it." A man dressed as a zombie with fake blood splattered all over him, a necktie tied around his head, and walking menacingly while growling at strangers has already been viewed almost a million times. The three-minute video features people running away in fear of what they perceive to be a real-life zombie. One man is shown aiming a gun at the zombie, but instead of shooting he runs for his life.

At the end of the video, the tables turn. The man pretending to be a zombie chooses the wrong group of kids to prank, and they begin chasing him.

Reaction to the prank online has been mixed. Some commenters find it comical, while others say that because of the recent attack in Miami, this prank is happening "too soon." Another person called the prank "disrespectful and stupid."