Man With Terminal Cancer Dedicates Last Months to Making Wife's Dreams Come True

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Man With Terminal Cancer Dedicates Last Months to Making Wife's Dreams Come True

If you had only six months left to live, what would you do? For one man in England, it meant marrying a woman he knew since high school and making her dreams come true.

In January 2012, 26-year-old Chris Price moved in with Ceri Johnson. Shortly after, he began having stomach pains. In April, doctors diagnosed him with cancer. Price underwent an eight-hour surgery to remove part of his stomach, where the cancer had spread.

According to doctors, Price was in the clear. But a year later, a secondary cancer appeared in his liver and lungs.

This time the diagnosis was terminal. So Price turned to Johnson and told her he would give the bride-to-be everything she ever wished for.

"It was as if Chris wanted to spend his last days making me as happy as he could," she told BBC News. "We did such a lot in those last six months. He was so positive. He never talked about dying; he just wanted to see me and the children happy in the time he had left."

First, the couple became husband and wife in a church ceremony that saw Johnson's four children as guests of honor. Then Price took his family to Disneyland Paris. After stopping home for a few weeks, the newlyweds flew to New York to sightsee and shop.

Price's wish granting wasn't just limited to trips. According to Wales Online, the husband also gifted his wife with material items she had always wanted: a pair of Louboutin shoes and a Mulberry bag.

Johnson received a trip to Las Vegas for her birthday. Price had planned on joining her, but his health took another turn for the worse. He died in Johnson's arms, and his funeral took place in the same church where they had married just six months earlier.

"If my love could have saved him, he would have lived forever," she said. "We packed so much into the short time we had together. His illness made him live completely in the moment, and he taught me to do the same."