New 'Meow Mix' Country Anthem Pays Homage to Male Cat Owners

Mia Fitzharris
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Cats and the Internet go together like peanut butter and jelly, and Meow Mix is banking on that concept. The brand's advertising team came up with a new way to appeal to the less-talked-about cat owners — cat guys. In a new YouTube video titled "Country Cat," J.R. Moore (aka country music singer Justin Moore) sings about what he loves to do when he gets home from a long day of hard work. Spoiler alert: It's playing with his cat. The 2-minute video will have you tapping your foot, especially to this line: "Listen to that purrin' the records are turnin'…"

This is the second Meow Mix music video in its "It's Meow Time" campaign, which features remixed versions of its famous jingle. The first was a trippy, electronic dance music version released in August. Whether you love or hate the two new videos, the company has come a long way since its original 1970s jingle.

Good luck getting this country tune out of your head. If you're feeling inspired, you should upload your own version at for a chance to win a trip to Hollywood for you and your cat. And be sure to look out for the next Meow Mix video release, which appears to have something to do with a hipster orchestra.