News Reporter Surprised on Live TV by Young Man She Helped Get Adopted

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News Reporter Surprised on Live TV by Young Man She Helped Get Adopted

Gloria Campos affected many lives over her 30-year career at the anchor desk of WFAA TV in Dallas, Texas. In a touching moment during her final week on the job, one of those people returned to say thanks .

Ke'onte Cook is 14. In 2007, Campos featured Ke'onte in a weekly segment she hosts called "Wednesday's Child." The feature aims to place children up for adoption in loving homes. Campos reconnected with Ke'onte two years later, after a failed adoption. This time, Carol and Scott Cook were watching the news and saw Ke'onte.

"He just spoke to us through the video," Scott Cook told the TV station. "It just seemed like he was talking to us."

The Cook family adopted Ke'onte. The teenager is physically active and has a new interest in studying journalism. And he already knows his way around a news desk.

Last Wednesday, during Campos's final week on the job, WFAA revisited some of the highlights of her career. After airing an update on Ke'onte's story, the 14-year-old walked on-set and surprised the TV anchor.

"I can't believe it's you," Campos said through tears as the two embraced on camera. "Thank you for the big surprise. I'm so happy that you're happy."

When co-anchor John McCaa mentioned that Campos has affected a number of people with her work, she replied, "As I've said before, he helped me, too."

"Thank you so much because you've made my life worthwhile," Ke'onte said to Campos at the end of WFAA's story about the journey to his new home. "You've helped me become the person I am right now, and I probably would have been worse off had you not helped me out."