Photos Bring Imagination of Boy With Muscular Dystrophy to Life

Luka is a creative 12-year-old boy who has muscular dystrophy, a degenerative disease that confines him to a wheelchair. Though Luka has the use of his hands and can operate his wheelchair and write in his notebook, he would love to be like an average boy his age who does not have his ailment.

One day, Luka confided in his friend, photographer Matej Peljhan, that he wished he could be featured in some of Peljhan's photographs doing activities that he could never do because of his condition. So Peljhan came up with a plan to do just that.

The result is a series of photographs titled, "Le Petit Prince," or The Little Prince. The photos have an overhead perspective that makes it look as if Luka is engaging in a host of fun activities. In one picture, Luka appears to be riding a skateboard; in another, he's playing basketball. There's even a picture of Luka deep-sea fishing, for socks, with fins on his feet.

Peljhan did not digitally alter any of the photos. Instead, he placed sheets and objects to make it appear as if Luka is physically engaged in all the activities. Luka and Peljhan got to exhibit both their creative imaginations — and bring to life Luka's longing for adventure and mischief.

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