Pizza Prank Feeds Homeless of Ohio

Mia Trovato
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At Trending Now, we love a good prank story, but we love a "do-good" prank story even more. Friends Roman, Dennis, and Chase are all part of the YouTube group Roman Atwood Pranks. They tricked their friend Joe into giving them the keys to his pizza and hot dog joint Wholly Joe's Chicago Eatery. They told him they needed to get in to retrieve a wallet that one had left behind the night before. Well, that's not why they wanted to get in. Their real plan was to make 30 pizzas for the homeless and then personally distribute them. The trio took hours to bake the pies, even losing a few to the floor, and then headed out to the streets and to a shelter where deserving Columbus residents enjoyed the hot treats. The group even handed out $5 bills to cover a drink to go along with the pizza. After making and giving out the pies, the crew left money at Joe's register to pay for the supplies with a note that read, "Thanks for feeding the homeless. Smile more." What a delicious act of kindness for the people of Columbus. We can't wait to see what the group has up their sleeves next!

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