Professional motorsports athlete plays joke on driving instructors

Mia Fitzharris
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Usually, going to driving school is nerve-wracking for the student and just a normal day at work for the instructor. Well, pranksters at MaxMan.TV on YouTube have turned the tables and put a few driving instructors in the hot seat. Malaysian professional race car driver Leona Chin disguised herself and showed up for driving school with instructors who were on their first day on the job. First, she let the instructors think she was an amateur, as she appears to struggle with the stick shift.

The instructors in the video appear to get impatient with the seemingly bad driver. Then, Chin puts the prank into overdrive. She starts driving out of control, and the instructors are completely shocked — and also scared for their lives. As Chin whips through a parking lot, one of the instructors screams, “You almost hit people.” One female instructor even clutches her seat belt for dear life.  

The driving school actually came up with the whole idea and pitched it to max man. Lucky for them because the video has been viewed more than 6 million times so far!