Redditor Surprises Parents With 130-Pound Weight Loss

Redditor Surprises Parents With 130-Pound Weight Loss

When a Reddit user named Lucas returned home this Christmas, he had a surprise for his dad and stepmom. He had lost 130 pounds, and he waited until he saw his parents to share the news. A friend of Lucas recorded the reaction, and it was exactly what you think it might be.

"Oh my God!" his father exclaims as Lucas walks down the steps. His stepmom shouts the same thing as he enters her view downstairs.

Lucas went from 300 pounds to a slim 170. According to another post by him on Reddit, he limited his calories to about 1,350 per day. He regularly ate tuna salad, chicken with salsa, vegetables, beans and rice, and sandwiches made with turkey and roast beef.

When Lucas had lost 100 pounds, he began walking five miles to work every day. He continued this for about two months until the weather became colder.

The video was filmed in Ontario, Canada. Lucas says he lives far away from his parents and usually travels home about twice a year, but last summer he came up with an excuse to not make the trip so he could surprise his parents.

"Way to go buddy! You put your mind to it," his father exclaims in the video. "I'm so proud of you!" the stepmother adds, planting a big kiss on Lucas's cheek.

You would be hard-pressed to elicit that type of joyous reaction from a parent over any material gift. Lucas is happy with the way it all played out, from the weight loss to the big unveiling.

"I definitely recommend the 'don't tell anybody' method," he says. "It takes away a lot of the pressure and lets you focus on your weight loss without worrying about letting people down."