Rescued Dogs Get Fast Ride to New Homes

Melissa Knowles
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Good news is always the most fun to report. That's why it's such a pleasure to share today's story with you.

Chances are, you know about the cult classic movie "Snakes On a Plane" featuring Samuel L. Jackson, but I'll bet you have not heard of "Puppies on a Plane." It has nothing to do with the movie, but everything to do with rescuing puppies and giving them good loving homes.

Andriss Skulte is a pilot who volunteers his time to the organization Pilots N Paws. The organization works with animal rescues and deals mainly with kill shelters. They have placed more than 1,200 Labs all over New England. "Rather than the dog … spending days in a car, we can take them in a plane and in a couple of hours, get them home," said Skulte.

In a promotional video for Pilots N Paws uploaded to YouTube, we witness a family with two young kids who are taken to the airport under the premise that they were picking up a family member. Little do they know, that new family member is of the canine variety. The pure joy and happiness is all over the kids' faces as they meet their new black Labrador puppy for the first time.

"It's an awesome experience just making somebody's day so happy," Skulte said.

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