Residents in a Washington Town Want to Stop Canadians From Shopping at Their Neighborhood Costco

Costco is in the headlines again, and this time it has nothing to do with Joan Rivers. It seems the Costco in Bellingham, Washington, has become exceedingly popular with Canadian shoppers to the dismay of locals who are claiming "gridlock" in the aisles. The store's proximity to the Canadian border means Canadian shoppers need only to drive 21 miles south to take advantage of the exchange rate and lower sales tax.

Angry locals have even created a Facebook page, "Bellingham Costco Needs a Special Time Just for Americans" which has received more than 3,000 "Likes." An opponent of the Americans-only plan wrote on the page, "Not only are you giving Costco a bad name, but the entire town of Bellingham. Just be happy your town is busy. There are a lot of places around America that would do anything for patrons to visit their businesses." Good point. Another user offered this proactive peacemaking suggestion: If Costco's so popular, how about it open another location? That way there will surely be enough giant jars of mayonnaise and pallets of cat litter for everyone.