Robbers on motorcycles attack mall jewelry store in $3.1 million heist

Sarah Bernard
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Shoppers at London's Brent Cross mall may have thought they'd walked onto the set of a movie shoot on Tuesday morning. Fifteen minutes after the shopping center opened, a group of six black-clad robbers on three motorcycles rode through the second floor of the complex, wielding axes and bats. The thieves' destination was jewelry store Fraser Hart, where they grabbed Cartier and Rolex watches after smashing windows to get inside. The Metropolitan Police estimate their haul to be more than 2 million British pounds, or $3.1 million. Or maybe a little less: Witnesses noted that the robbers dropped some of their expensive loot as they sped away from the scene.

Fortunately, no one was injured during the heist, and police are continuing to search for clues. Rick Triester was on his way to the Apple store at the mall at the time of the crime and was able to get video of the daring robbery and getaway on his phone, which got us to thinking ... how long before the drama turns up on the big screen for real?

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