Russian Beachgoers Surprised by Deadly, Sudden Hailstorm

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Russian Beachgoers Surprised by Deadly, Sudden Hailstorm

The landscape of Siberia conjures up snow or other harsh weather imagery.

In the heat of summer, Mother Nature concocted freaky white-out conditions and driving hail.

Over the weekend, the temperature dropped dramatically from 41 to 22 degrees Celsius — that's 106 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit — in a matter of minutes. As this YouTube video shows, the skies darkened, the winds blew, and hail the size of golf balls or hen's eggs crashed onto a beach in Novosibirsk, pelting bewildered Russian beach-goers and making them run for cover.

This is an unfortunate but rare natural occurrence in the area. In 2012, an amateur video captured another extreme Siberian example of the destruction wrought by ice crystals.

The recent storm was more than dramatic ­­­— it was deadly. Local media reported that two 3-year-old twins died after a tree collapsed.

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