Samuel L. Jackson Performs ‘Breaking Bad’ Monologue for Charity, Internet’s Delight

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Samuel L. Jackson Performs ‘Breaking Bad’ Monologue for Charity, Internet’s Delight

Samuel L. Jackson has become a household name. His roles in movies such as "Pulp Fiction" and "A Time To Kill" have made his work synonymous with instant classics. In addition to his huge fan base and the critical acclaim that his work has received, he was named the highest-grossing film actor of all time in 2011. But Jackson is not your typical celebrity. He is not all about fame and notoriety. He wants to use his influence for the benefit of others, particularly those affected by Alzheimer's disease.

Last week, Jackson reached out to the pages of Reddit. Jackson challenged users to write a monologue that he would read while raising money for the Alzheimer's Association with the help of Prizeo, a website that supports fundraising for charities. Two days after the announcement, Jackson read the winning monologue.

Jackson quickly doubled down on the original offer, saying that if donations reached $100,000, he would do another monologue, this time of his choosing. Today, we at Trending Now have an exclusive clip of Jackson performing a monologue from one of his favorite TV shows, "Breaking Bad." Jackson takes on the role of Walter White, played by Emmy award-winning actor Bryan Cranston. The combination of Jackson as White is almost too awesome to comprehend.

Donations have already surpassed $156,000, and Jackson and Prizeo have added some incentives: One lucky winner will get to have lunch with Jackson in the U.K. Three other randomly selected winners will get to have Jackson record the outgoing message on their voicemail.

So why did Prizeo set all of this up? Co-founder Bryan Baum told me, "We're living in a more connected world, and charities are still at the stage where they are just adding donate buttons to their websites. We are using technology to leverage influencers' fan bases to fuel social impact and take charities out of the Stone Age."

You can still enter for your chance to win by donating on the Prizeo website. There is no limit to the number of times you're allowed to enter, and you can enter the contest for as little as $3. The winner will be randomly selected after the close of the contest on June 6. The Prizeo team built a Random Number Generator that is certified by gambling commissions worldwide.

Jackson has also used his voice and likeness in a couple of other memorable instances, including his support for President Barack Obama's re-election and in a reading he did of a now-famous children's book for parents.

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