Sara Bareilles Helps Two Couples Propose in New Music Video

Sara Bareilles Helps Two Couples Propose in New Music Video

A little more than a year has passed since Sara Bareilles announced that she was embarking on a new journey. The "Love Song" singer left her band, split with her boyfriend, and moved out of Los Angeles in the process.

What has transpired since could be marked as one of the greatest periods yet in Bareilles's young career. She scored two Grammy nominations for her album The Blessed Unrest, inspired audiences with her hit song "Brave," and sold out Radio City Music Hall.

Now the songstress is paying the happiness forward in a new music video for her latest single, "I Choose You."

On March 11, Bareilles announced a contest online, inviting fans to share their "#IChooseYou" story.

"I'm looking for someone planning a proposal to a Sara Bareilles (me!) fan," she wrote. "If you or someone you know is planning a fantastic proposal, I want to help! … The more elaborate and creative the better."

"I Choose You" is the second single from The Blessed Unrest. The mid-tempo ballad speaks of finding lifelong love, even when at times it seemed unfathomable.

Bareilles and her team picked two couples, Matt and Chelsea in Los Angeles and Aly and Andrea in Denver. Throughout her music video, which was released on Wednesday, the artist sings the song in front of a gray backdrop while clips are shown of the couples and the planning process for the proposals.

Then as the song changes tempo to its bridge, Matt and Aly are shown walking their significant other into the designating setting for the big moment. Matt chose a secluded environment with just him and Chelsea. Aly brings Andrea into a backyard, where family and friends surround them.

The blindfolds on Chelsea and Andrea are removed, and with Bareilles crooning the lyrics to "I Choose You," Matt and Aly drop to bended knee and propose to their respective partners.

Both said yes.

"So excited to reveal the I Choose You video!" Bareilles posted on Monday with a link to the final piece. "Real engagements, real people. I'm so grateful."

The video already has more than a half a million views, and viewers are responding positively. Youtube user Poppy Kelly wrote, "This is beautiful! Great proposal videos make this wedding photographer cry." Another person, Simon Jennings, wrote "I'll admit it... I teared up from amazing cuteness... awesome video."  Bareilles will spread her message of love further this summer, as she also just announced her "Little Black Dress" tour, which kicks off July 10 in Chicago and wraps in Berkeley, Calif., Aug. 14.