Seagull Purportedly Steals Woman’s Camera, Takes Amazing Footage

Melissa Knowles
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A woman who tried to enjoy a nice day while capturing some great footage of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco got way more than she bargained for. Nathalie Rollandin, who is originally from France, set up her GoPro camera on a San Francisco beach to record. Suddenly, a seagull swooped in and appeared to grab the camera in its beak and take it for a ride over the water.

According to Rollandin's video, the seagull flew around for a few seconds, and then conveniently dropped the camera -- luckily, not in the water but on the balcony of a building. The bird then flew off into the sunset. Moments later, Rollandin ran up to her camera and chuckled in disbelief at what had just happened. In the information section of her video on YouTube, she commented that she could not believe the camera survived the trip and that it's a moment she'll never forget.

So far, her video has received more than 150,000 views on YouTube. Some people who have seen it think what happened is incredible, with one person writing, "Fantastic! Just hilarious and how very, very fortunate that he didn't drop it in the water."

Others who have watched the video are calling foul and think the "bird's-eye view" could be a marketing hoax: "I'd say the 'bird' 'dropping' the camera is an edit point/ Someone made a video like this a while ago," said one. (Last year, another runaway seagull in Cannes filmed a similar video.) "Great ad for GoPro though," the viewer added. Many people are suggesting that since GoPro is in the actual title of the clip, the brand itself is behind the video.

A representative for the company denied any involvement, saying "this video was 100 percent user-generated and is not part of any GoPro marketing."