Shark Drags Fisherman on a 2-Hour Kayak Ride

Ralphie Aversa
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Adam Fisk thought he might be in store for a leisurely Sunday fishing jaunt; he just did not realize that a hammerhead shark would be handling the driving.

As a member of "Team Rebel Fishing," the Florida resident is accustomed to encounters with all types of fish, including sharks. But even Fisk was taken aback when a shark decided to take his bait - and consequently, his kayak - along for a ride. The hammerhead ended up dragging Fisk's kayak for more than two hours. By the time the shark was done, Fisk was two cities over from where he started.

The fisherman is fine, and somehow amid the struggle, he managed to film part of the incident with a GoPro camera. The footage is relatively calm until about 3 minutes and 50 seconds in. Fisk dips the camera in the water, and there is the shark, clear as day, leading the kayak along.

"Shark turned out to be about 11 feet," Fisk wrote on the video's LiveLeak description. "It charged me a few times when I had the camera off."

The fish did not act alone.

"Another hammerhead chased me for 10 minutes straight after I let the first one go," he continued.

On the "Team Rebel" website, Fisk's fellow anglers are boasting about the incident as an "accomplishment." While the group clearly enjoys their interactions with different shark species, they also promote CPR shark fishing, an acronym that stands for catch, photograph, and release.

That is essentially what happened Sunday, except it was the shark that handled the catching and releasing part.