Social Media Unites Girls Who Believe They Were Separated at Birth

Facebook has changed the way that many of us live our lives, from our everyday interactions to our ability to keep in touch with friends and family members halfway around the world. We can even connect with people we don't know at all, because we share similar interests in music or movies or just because we look alike. Maybe enough alike to be related. Take the case of Samantha Futerman and Anais Bordier. Futerman is an actress who lives in Los Angeles. Bordier, a French fashion-design student, lives in London.

In February, Futerman received a Facebook message from Bordier. Bordier explained that a friend of hers had seen a video of Futerman and noticed a resemblance between her and Bordier. On her own, Bordier did a little Internet searching and discovered a video where Futerman talks about being adopted, so she decided to ask Futerman where she was born, first prefacing it by telling her not to "freak out."

Both girls were born on November 19, 1987, and they were both put into foster care. Both were adopted three months later, but by different families.

Futerman was far from freaked out. Instead, she was excited by the exchange, saying, "I knew I was about to embark on a journey that no one else had ventured before. Through just a Facebook induced interaction, I was positive that this girl was in fact my biological twin sister."

Bordier and Futerman decided to make a documentary about finding each other and have already raised more than $30,000 via their own Kickstarter campaign. The film, which they've named "Twinsters," will contain video diary entries from each girl, Skype conversations, footage of the possible-siblings traveling to meet one another, and of course, the end all, be all -- a DNA test.

Whether the two women are actually sisters has not yet been proven, but boy, what a way to meet. All thanks to Facebook.

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