Soldier Surprises Kids During Their ‘Welcome Home’ Practice

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Soldier Surprises Kids During Their ‘Welcome Home’ Practice

Being reunited with a loved one, particularly after that loved one has been deployed overseas, can be very emotional for all involved. Reunions with soldiers and their children are the kinds of scenes that make you want to grab a box of tissues and prepare for the gleeful encounter.

Some families come up with ways so they can be prepared for the reunion, and even practice a welcome home ceremony before the soldier returns. That's what one family's kids thought they were doing recently. Just practicing.

U.S. soldier Brandon Williams hid in the back of a pickup truck as his daughter and two sons practiced their welcome home greeting. The three were equipped with handmade signs and big smiles as they practiced, and a woman filmed them on her iPad. The garage door is let down, and then slowly let back up. A pickup truck in the driveway all along had Brandon in the flatbed, and he stands waiting for his kids to notice that he's home. Williams's daughter appears to know something her two brothers do not, as if she's in on the surprise, because she lets her brothers take off running to get hugs from their dad first. Her father had surprised her before, at a dance recital.

A video of the family's reunion was posted to the Welcome Home blog, a website for surprise military homecomings. People love watching the reunion and the look of surprise on the kids' faces. One person wrote, "That was awesome. Man did they run fast!" The boys were not expecting their dad to be back home for another month, so imagine the thrill they must have felt to have him back sooner.

That's one surprise they'll definitely never forget.

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