Southwest Flight Attendant Offers Funny Spin on Preflight Announcements

Southwest Flight Attendant Offers Funny Spin on Preflight Announcements

"Ladies and gentlemen, do us a favor today," Robert Baker, a Southwest flight attendant since 2005, suggested. "Sit back. Relax. Enjoy our hospitality. Or you can sit up and be tense, that choice is yours."

Baker then broke in to a quick number that he sang to the tune of Barney's "I Love You."

"We love you. You love us. We're much faster than the bus. We hope you enjoy our hospitality. Marry one of us and you'll fly free."

The entire cabin erupted in laughter.

The passengers were en route to Chicago from San Francisco and treated to a not-so-normal rundown of preflight instructions from the attendant, who could possibly double as a comedian. David London was on the flight, filmed the routine, and posted it on YouTube.

"I told him it was the most fun flight I ever took and thank you for going above and beyond to make everyone feel comfortable and entertained," London wrote in the post's description. "He threw a cocktail party 1/2 way through the flight as well."

Southwest flight attendants making the skies a little more friendly is nothing out of the ordinary. The airline's unorthodox approach to in-flight customer service dates to the 1970s.

"We're always trying to make the flying experience something other than what people might dread," Brad Hawkins, a spokesperson for Southwest, told Trending Now in April. "Flying can be tough, with security and everything." There have even been other notable performances by Southwest flight attendants. Martha 'Marty' Cobb had a notable hit back in April.

Companions can also make the airborne treks more difficult, something this attendant was clearly mindful of.

"For those of you traveling with your children — why?" Baker asked, eliciting more laughter from his audience. "And for those of you that are traveling with two of your children, what in the world were you thinking?"

The preflight announcement lasted over five minutes, and judging by the audible reaction throughout the video, was seemingly met with positivity. Online, London has decided to delete any negative comments to his post.

"This flight attendant deserves the utmost respect for making this flight the most enjoyable I've ever been on," he wrote. "Everyone can learn from him how to approach life with a sense of humor and service."