TD Bank's 'Automated Thanking Machine' Surprises Customers With Gifts

Zain Meghji
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Usually, the only reasons a bank makes me cry are the outrageously high fees, but this video from TD Bank has given me the feels.

In it, TD Bank set up an ATM, or in this case, an "automated thanking machine," at various locations across Canada.

To express gratitude to its clientele, the company simultaneously gave out money and gifts that clearly required some thought and planning. Gifts included throwing out the first pitch at a Blue Jays game to player Jose Bautista, setting up registered education savings plans (RESP) for one woman's kids (smart product/service integration) and also sending them to Disneyland (because kids aren't going to appreciate an RESP yet), and the simple, effective surprise of a beautiful bouquet of roses. The segments that really got me are the ones of the mother whose cancer-stricken daughter is in Trinidad. Watch and weep.

This sentimental video is being compared to another one that came out from WestJet, another Canadian company, last Christmas. The difference with WestJet's idea is that there was an element of delayed gratification, but the results make you realize that you'll never have it as good as these lucky folks did while waiting for their luggage.

To pull it off, Westjet set up two automated Santa Clause robots in departing airports that asked plane passengers what they wanted for the holiday. Upon arrival at their destination, the customers were rewarded with the gifts they had wished for.

Honestly, my eyes are getting a little watery.

What do you think about the video, and what would you like to receive from an automated thanking machine? Let us know in the comments below.