Teacher Suspended for Showing Students “The Daily Show,” Baroness’s Salty Gesture Goes Viral

Melissa Knowles
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A high school government and law teacher in Eureka, Illinois, is coming under fire for showing his students three segments of "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart." Rhett Felix, a first-year teacher at Eureka High School, reportedly showed segments that made fun of Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain and allegations of his sexual harassment. The segments, from the October 31 and November 2 episodes, feature Stewart making multiple sexual euphemisms about Cain's pizza chain. Cain served as the chairman and CEO of Godfather Pizza from 1986 to 1996. When parents were made aware of what their kids had seen in the classroom, they started complaining about bleeped obscenities and sexual content being shown in the classroom as well as the teacher's perceived liberal bias. Monday night, the Eureka-based District 140 school board held a two-hour executive session to discuss the complaints against Felix. Even Eureka Mayor Scott Punke criticized how the situation was handled, advocating for Felix to be suspended pending an investigation. One of the parents, Thomas Enterline, called the content of the videos "deplorable" and said he "didn't find any humor in what he saw." School Superintendent Randy Crump suspended Felix on Tuesday and announced that he would be given a new teaching assignment upon his return to the classroom. Felix, who is on paid leave, is expected to return to the classroom November 28.

Ever felt offended by someone's comment and have an impulsive reaction that you maybe later regretted? Well that's partly what happened to Jean Alys Barker, the Lady Baroness Trumpington of Sandwich who's now become a viral sensation in England, and she's quickly becoming known in America, too. The video, filmed during a session of the British Parliament's House of Lords, shows the 89-year-old baroness giving the English equivalent of the middle finger salute (what looks like a "V" or peace sign using the index and middle fingers) to one of her peers, Thomas Jeremy King, the Lord King of Bridgwater. In a speech including a reference to the age of World War II veterans, he made a joke about the age of Barker, who once served as a code breaker during that war. In the video, she can be seen making the gesture many deem rude toward King. It's this moment that has people all over the Web calling the baroness a "hero" and a "legend." King, 78, later clarified the incident by saying that he and Barker are very old friends. As for Barker, she says she does not even remember making the gesture. One thing is certain, though. The Internet remembers, and people are likely to be watching the clip for a long time.