The Big Meme: The Viral Images and Videos of Super Bowl XLVIII

The game was a blowout. The commercials received lukewarm reviews. But thankfully, the Internet is finding the entertainment in last night's Super Bowl between the Seahawks and Broncos.

Seattle blew out Denver 43-8. The Broncos were a three-point favorite heading into the matchup. Naturally, most of the talk centered around Peyton Manning and the fact that just about nothing went his way last night. A still shot of Manning calling upstairs to speak with his team at MetLife Stadium immediately prompted a few hilarious memes. "Mom? Can you come get me?" read one. Another used the caption, "Hello, Beyoncé, we need a blackout," referring to the power outage that happened after the singer's Super Bowl halftime performance last year.

Various "Manning faces" from the blowout were also posted. Even the NFL's official Twitter account got in on the fun, posting a photo of brother Eli watching the game from a suite with the hashtag "#EliFace."

The Internet started to buzz before kickoff. Former Jets quarterback Joe Namath walked out for the coin toss in a fur coat that Macklemore would have been jealous of. Coincidentally enough, the "Thrift Shop" singer is from Seattle and was at the game.

Namath's outerwear spurred ire from PETA and inspiration for USA Today, which temporarily placed a similar jacket on its logo. "Broadway Joe" also drew comparisons to the IKEA monkey in a hilarious "Who wore it better?" graphic.