The World's Largest Corn Maze Is Riskier Than You Might Think

The World's Largest Corn Maze Is Riskier Than You Might Think

Apparently there is such a thing as Guinness World Records status for the planet's largest corn maze, and walking through it might be more of a challenge than you would expect.

A farm in Dixon, Calif., boasts the world's largest corn maze, which is in fact so large that some maze-goers are finding themselves in need of emergency rescue.

In the month and a half that the maze has been open, seven calls have been placed to the local sheriff's office — including three calls to 911 —from people unable to find their way out. 

Matt Cooley, one of the owners, says the 911 calls might be a sign that the maze may be getting a little too big for its own good.

Cool Patch Pumpkins, the company that runs the maze, previously set a world record in 2007 for its 40-acre live-action puzzle. This year, though, it has expanded to a whopping 63 acres.

Cooley says the company provides a map for everyone entering the maze. The maps have explicit instructions not to call 911, but when it does happen, the calls have been directed back to the staff at the maze company — who know the layout like the back of their hand and who are able to show their customers the way out.

One tweet about the maze drama says people should know that it takes about three and a half to four hours to get out. But that's just the average. 

If it takes you longer, you need to remember: You did pay to get lost in a maze of corn.