This guy tried magic on cats — they weren't impressed

This guy tried magic on cats — they weren't impressed

We have covered both of Jose Ahonen's "Magic for Dogs" videos released over the past month on YouTube, each to a solid amount of fanfare. But if you browsed the comments on these videos, you might have noticed people wondering and hypothesizing about trying to perform magic on cats. Would they have the same animated reactions as dogs or would they simply not care?

For those who need a visual answer, they now have it thanks to magician Rick Lax. The Las Vegas native uploaded "Magic For Cats" on Friday. The two-minute clip has over 124,000 views.

"I spend a day performing magic tricks for cats to see their reaction," Lax wrote to Yahoo on Facebook. "VERY different (from dogs)."

Unlike Ahonen, Lax does not use any food or treats for his props. Still, every cat in the video disregards him. Some walk away. Others stare blankly. None seems to care about what Lax has to offer.

"It worked!" one viewer joked on YouTube. "Cat disappeared every time!"

Meanwhile, other commenters defended the cats, as a predictable debate rose over which pet was superior.

"Dogs getting fooled by magic? C'mon, they're DOGS!" commented Coz Baldwin. "Now, magic for cats... THAT is a challenge."

The videos of magic performed on pets might be over, but the argument over dogs and cats will never end.

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