Toddler Buys Car on eBay Using Father’s Smartphone

Mia Fitzharris
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Toddler Buys Car on eBay Using Father’s Smartphone

Last month Sorella Stoute from Portland, Oregon, purchased a 1962 Austin-Healey Sprite on eBay. Now, this might not sound like much of a story, until you learn that Sorella is only 14 months old. Here's what happened. The tiny online shopper was playing with her father Paul Stoute's smartphone when she inadvertently opened the eBay app and purchased the rundown car for a little over $200 from a seller in nearby Tualatin, Oregon.

Sorella's dad first learned of the purchase of the car, nicknamed "Franken Sprite," via an eBay confirmation email. At first he was shocked and panicked but in the end decided to keep the car and fix it up, saying, "I've done a lot of bodywork in the past … but this is another realm altogether." Stoute added that he felt lucky Sorella picked a car on the cheaper end of the spectrum, saying he was glad she didn't click on the $38,000 Porsche he had also been looking at.

Paul Stoute set up a Smarty Pig crowdfunding page to raise money to restore the Franken Sprite, and he does not need to worry about Sorella's next purchase; he installed facial recognition technology and a new PIN code on his phone. He said he might give the fixed-up ride to Sorella for her 16th birthday or graduation.

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