Vampire fish are falling from the sky!

Vampire fish are falling from the sky!

Reports from Alaskan residents have had some people concerned that perhaps vampire fish are falling from the sky.

Everybody, breathe! Here’s what is actually happening: A fish called the Arctic lamprey, a scary-looking, fanged fish, one foot long, has been spotted around the town of Fairbanks, Alaska.

Residents have found four of these eel-like sea creatures: in a parking lot, a front lawn and other random places on dry land.

No one is absolutely sure what’s going on, but officials have a pretty good theory.

Seagulls are likely scooping up the ugly fish, which are currently spawning, and then dropping them when they realize they aren’t all that tasty.

So it looks as if there is nothing to fear, but you might like to take an umbrella on your next trip to Fairbanks during arctic lamprey-spawning season.

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