Vegas Street Magician Assists German Couple for Unique Wedding Proposal

Vegas Street Magician Assists German Couple for Unique Wedding Proposal

They say love can be magical, and for one couple visiting Las Vegas from Germany, that was almost literally the case.

James Scholz and his girlfriend, Nicole, have been dating for three years. James wanted to ask her hand in marriage and figured out a unique way to do so. He decided to reach out to Las Vegas-based magician Rob Anderson. Nicole would be in Sin City on a preplanned trip with her girlfriends, and James thought it might provide the perfect opportunity for a one-of-a-kind proposal.

"James actually wrote to me a few months ago and asked me to put together a surprise magical performance," Anderson said at the beginning of a video that documents the event. "It’s about to be a very special day."

With that, the scene is set: Nicole’s friends take her shopping and decide to "randomly" watch a street magician, a role played by Anderson. He asks for a participant in the audience and chooses Nicole. The magician then begins to perform a trick where he places a ring on a ribbon. He asks Nicole to hold the ribbon with him and then places a blindfold on her. When it is removed, she sees James and begins to laugh.

Not exactly groundbreaking magic, but she was quite surprised nonetheless.

So imagine what she thought when a group of people around her revealed they were wearing shirts that spelled out "Marry Me" and James dropped down to one knee.

"We've been together now for a long time and I love you so much, baby," he said in German. "There's only one thing I want to ask — will you marry me?"

Nicole said yes, and as it turns out, not everything that happens in Vegas needs to stay there.