Video of Dog Pushing Man in a Wheelchair—Real or Fake?

Melissa Knowles
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Video of Dog Pushing Man in a Wheelchair—Real or Fake?

Sometimes we come across a video that makes our jaw drop in disbelief. Either we're taken aback by what our eyes see, even if we believe that what we're seeing is real, or we know that it could not possibly be real. That's the case with the latest Trending Now discovery.

In a somewhat grainy clip posted to YouTube, which has a Russian title along with the translation "Dog helps the owner," viewers see something that seems implausible. As some people are driving down a flooded street, they look out their window and see a man in a wheelchair being pushed along by a dog standing on its hind legs. The people in the car seem surprised but continue along the flooded street in their car without missing a beat.

It seems hard to believe, right? A dog is able to walk in floodwater using just its hind legs and push a man in a wheelchair who is several times its weight, combined with the pressure of the floodwater. Does not seem likely. People are calling foul on the video, with some commenters questioning its authenticity. One commenter wrote, "Why didn't the people shooting the video get out and help?" Another person thought that what the dog was doing was admirable even if it was not real: "Dog took his human for a walk. In the rain. That's dedication to your pet."

In any case, the video has more than 290,000 views so far, as people continue to chime in on whether or not it's real. Nonetheless, most of us can agree, it sure is entertaining watching a dog doing something so surprising.

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