Vine Project Gets Strangers to Share Best Life Advice

Mia Trovato
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Are you on Vine? If you don't know what that is, it's the social video-sharing app that lets you create quick clips on the go. It has become the perfect way to broadcast six-second slices of life. And now one Vine account is filling people's feeds with words of wisdom and humanity at its finest. Jerome Jarre started the account called Humans. The premise is simple. Jarre asked random people in New York City this question: "What is the most important message you would like to share with the world right now?" Check out just some of the responses he posted: You might know Jerome Jarre from his series of hilariously awkward Vine posts that have racked up more than three million followers on his main account, giving him the unofficial title of "The King of Vine." Here are some Vines from his main account.

Jarre's Humans Vine account has uploaded only eight videos so far, but more than 58,000 followers are hooked and will be waiting for more life lessons from perfect strangers.

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