Vine Video Captures 9 Months of Pregnancy in 6 Seconds

Richard Cazeau
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Some women might tell you that pregnancy is a wonderful experience. Others might argue that it's a life-changing experience that's no fun at all. But a San Francisco couple decided to illustrate the glory of their pregnancy in a Vine video.

Vine video artist Ian Padgham filmed his wife, Claire Pasquier, over the course of nine months, creating the six-second, time-lapsed clip that coolly documents her pregnancy from the beginning to the introduction of their newborn. Padgham professionally creates Vines for various brands and is a fan of the time-limiting challenges the video app presents. His passion for his new family and his love for Vine have made this one of the most viewed Vines of all time, garnering more than 9 million views and growing. Commenters on the quick maternity video are impressed with Padgham's creation, writing things ilke "that's patience" and "this is when you wish that vine was just a few seconds longer."

Like most Vine vignettes, the process for putting this clip together was simple but also somewhat meticulous due to the nine-month production schedule. Pasquier stood in the same spot in a bathroom each month while her husband filmed two frames of video each time. As the pregnancy progressed, the couple would excitedly screen the rough cut awaiting the end result. Updates to the Vine app also allowed Padgham to add a loop of music to his stop-motion video. Since the arrival of their new child, the Vine video guru has stated that he's "the happiest man alive." Most definitely he is — a new baby and 9 million views can do that to a man.