Watch as About 80 Amish People Lift a House Off Its Foundation

Ralphie Aversa
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Watch as About 80 Amish People Lift a House Off Its Foundation

According to Perry Clabbatz, there is a large Amish contingency in Spartansburg, Pa., a borough populated by just a few hundred people. Clabbatz actually lives right behind an Amish family. The house that his Amish neighbors live in measures about 24 by 36 feet.

So you can imagine what was going through Clabbatz's mind when he looked out his window and saw about 80 people lifting the house from its foundation to place it in a new location.

"I knew they were going to do it; the landlord told me ahead of time," Clabbatz explained to Trending Now in his first interview since a video of the house-moving went viral. "I just didn't realize it was going to happen so soon."

Post by Perry Clabbatz.

Standing in his backyard, Clabbatz reacted predictably for this day and age: He took out his phone and hit "Record." Last weekend, he uploaded the footage to his Facebook page so he could share it with his family, particularly those that live in different parts of the country.

"My Facebook is lighting up," Clabbatz said. "My relatives in Seattle, Los Angeles, and North Carolina are getting a real hoot out of it."

The video has over 30,000 Facebook shares and has spawned a popular Reddit thread. Clabbatz's footage also made it onto the "Today Show" this week. Overall, he told us, he is "pleasantly surprised" with reaction to the clip.

But why were his neighbors moving the house? "They're going to build a bigger house," he revealed. "They're turning (their old house) into a workshop."

Clabbatz said that, as far as he knows, the Amish people featured in the video do not know how popular it has become. He doesn't believe it will be a big deal for them, though.

"They're quiet folks," he noted. "They don't look for the media spotlight."

We could have assumed as much.