Meet the Girl Who Can Imitate Anything, from Languages to Pop Music

Meet the Girl Who Can Imitate Anything, from Languages to Pop Music

Sara Maria Forsberg has become an overnight YouTube sensation. Her videos have received over 10 million views in the span of less than a week and a half.

It all started nine days ago, with the upload of “What Languages Sound Like To Foreigners.” Forsberg tells us that she was always fascinated with languages and dialects; she speaks three fluently. So she decided to mimic a number of different ways that people talk to one another.

Reviews were mostly positive but definitely mixed. The video gained 100,000 views overnight and since has been viewed 7.7 million times.

Forsberg followed that up with a sequel in which she answers a few frequently asked questions. Just two days ago, she uploaded another video where she mimics 14 different “genres,” or in some cases, descriptions, of music. Both of those videos have eclipsed a million views.

The Finnish teenager graduated high school and chef school. She has a day job but since gaining Internet fame, has put it on hold. Her family and friends have supported her fully thus far, encouraging her to take advantage of every opportunity this new experience could bring. Those opportunities may include a trip to the U.S. soon for appearances on either “Ellen” or “Good Morning America.” Forsberg tells us that watches DeGeneres’ show frequently and would love to meet the TV host.

For more, check out our interview with Forsberg above.

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