Whales Inspire Meme for Vine Users

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Viral social media memes such as "planking" and "Tebowing" are a distant memory. "LeBroning" is so two months ago. The latest Internet craze doesn't involve standing still, nor does it play off a popular athlete. Instead, a rather large mammal inspired this meme.

"Whaling" is what the kids on Vine are calling it. The exact term for the surfacing of the whale above water is "breaching," but clearly that doesn't sound as cool. However, the social network references that in its definition of the action. The "whaling" page on Vine reads, "to dive backwards with one's body in a public or unusual place like a whale breaching the surface of the ocean."

Videos are popping up all over the Internet of people leaping above a barrier and back below it. "Whaling" can apparently happen anywhere you have a bit of space, from the produce section of grocery stores to a booth in a restaurant. It clearly does not seem fit for someone with a bad back.

If you're shaking your head in dismay at the latest weird thing that has captivated the short attention span of the Internet don't worry: This fad will probably be over faster than you can say "Free Willy." At least they're not mimicking any other whale movements. Besides "breaching," the mammals are known for "tail slapping." It sounds like a term Miley Cyrus would introduce to our pop culture lexicon.

The only worry is: What will they come up with next?