Woman Awakens From 5-Year Coma and Meets Celebrity of Her Dreams

When 79-year-old Evie Branan suffered a massive stroke six years ago, it left her in a semicomatose state. Branan was unable to eat, speak, or move on her own, and she became a resident of Willowbrook Manor, a long-term care facility in Flint, Michigan.

With the help of her family and the caregivers at Willowbrook, Branan started to come out of her semicoma in May 2011. She has slowly regained her speech and mobility, but it's not just Branan's motor skills that are reigniting. Her personality and memory are also coming to the surface again.

The first thing Branan said when she awoke was, "I want to go to a Bob Seger concert." And that's exactly what she did on Thursday night, accompanied by a couple of staff members from her residence. Branan also got to go backstage, attend an afterparty, and even meet Bob Seger himself. The fun did not stop there.

Seger walked up to Branan and hugged her. "I never thought I would ever see this day. Oh man, it was a lot better than I thought it would be," she said. Branan planted a kiss on each of Seger's cheeks, just as she had promised she would.

Branan has another aspiration. She wants to find love, but says she's not interested in the men at Willowbrook. She says she does not want "an old, old man that's got one foot on a banana peel and one on the grave." Branan said she wants somebody who enjoys life, because she's full of pep, she likes doing things, and she loves to dance.

We certainly hope that Branan's wish comes true.

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