Woman Creates 'Star Trek' Enterprise Replica in Basement for $30,000

If you didn't know any better, you might think the USS Enterprise landed in Quebec. A die-hard "Star Trek" fan in Canada recently renovated her basement to look like the starship. It set her back $30,000.

When Line Rainville of Joliette, Quebec, realized she wanted to redesign her basement, she thought it would be cool to implement a theme of the original 1960s series. According to CNET, she initially consulted with a designer but ultimately created the design plans, including the measurements, on her own. So she spent over a year planning out the smallest details and scouring the Internet for the obscure props. The Trekkie's work led to the partial re-creation of the Enterprise bridge, transporter room, recreation room, and observation deck.

The intricate elements of the room come in all sizes, from the panels surrounding her flat-screen TV to the multilevel chessboard. There is even a food replicator and other features that only a hardcore fan would notice, like the blanket placed on the end of Spock's bed in his quarters (which were also re-created).

Rainville told CTV that despite being a lifelong fan of the show, she did not begin to collect these items until she began her home project.

"I had bought a tricorder and a phaser and a communicator for sure, but I had to buy a lot of things when I really decided to decorate my basement like that," she said. "It's a childhood dream."

Rainville became hooked on the show at age 9, when she would watch it with her father. She now enjoys watching old episodes in her Enterprise-themed home theater.