Woman Rejoices at News of 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' Sequel

Ralphie Aversa
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Actress Nia Vardalos announced on Twitter on Tuesday that there would be a sequel to her cult-hit movie, "My Big Fat Greek Wedding." While American families of Greek descent might be rejoicing everywhere, perhaps no one is as happy about the news as Angela Mike.

Angela's son, Angelo, frequently posts videos of his grandfather and mother on YouTube. The clips of his mother usually center on her movie reviews or cooking tutorials. For example, in her first tutorial, Angela shows viewers how to make Greek salad dressing. Angela is originally from Greece.

In the latest YouTube video starring Angela, we again find her in the kitchen. Her son, heard off-camera, breaks the news that Vardalos is coming out with a second "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" film. In a moment that any child of an immigrant can relate to, Angelo has to explain to his mom what a sequel means. Then, Angela is overcome with joy.

"Oh my God. I will love this!" she says, beaming from ear to ear. "All the other movies can go to hell. This is it — the Greeks making movies."

As she packs some food for her son, Angela continues to dance around the kitchen with happiness.

"This is like Christmas," she remarks in the near 6-minute clip, before amending that statement. "This is like Easter!"

We spoke with Angelo and Angela from their home in Arlington, Va., on Skype. Coincidentally, the Easter party scene is one of Angela's favorites from the original movie, which she saw five times.

Watch the interview to find out what Angela hopes to see in the sequel and whether she could see herself playing a role.