Woman Whose School Photo Became '60-Year-Old Girl' Meme Talks to Trending Now

Usually, posting a picture of your significant other on the Internet with the caption "My wife looked like a 60 year old woman as a child" would get you in a ton of trouble. Instead, it has the couple — along with the rest of Reddit — laughing at the photo and the meme that it inspired.

The whole thing started Monday night, when redditor "Beerdrummer," a.k.a Clayton Prater, posted a photo to the site of his wife Lindsay with the aforementioned caption. The Internet collectively loved it and created "The 60-Year-Old Girl" meme. The text on the photos matches young and senior characteristics. For example: "Loses Baby Teeth — Gets Dentures" or "Gets a Dollhouse for Her Birthday — Covers All the Furniture in Plastic."

There are a bunch, and here are a few more for your viewing pleasure.

Prater took his Reddit account off of the post, but eventually started responding to comments again.

"Good news, no divorce!" he wrote, also adding that his wife thinks the memes are "hilarious": "She is laughing at the comments with me. Well, most of them."

Looking back at the photo, the husband and wife don't understand how her parents thought the look was OK. Of course, many could probably say the same thing about their child photos. If you have an example, feel free to share it with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Flickr. Just make sure you get your spouse's permission first…

Make sure to watch our interview, to see the couple now, and find out what they think of their newfound internet fame.