Woody Harrelson’s ‘Ask Me Anything’ on Reddit Proves Disastrous

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If you could ask your favorite celebrity anything and get a direct response, what would you ask? Would you expect whoever it was to answer you honestly? Of course you would want that, but that may not be what you get. Social news site Reddit allows users a forum in its AMA (ask me anything) section to ask anyone anything. Actor Woody Harrelson is the latest celebrity to make himself available to users for questions. However, the direction he chose to take his responses was widely voted down by Reddit users. Harrelson's new movie "Rampart" was all the actor talked about, even if the question was not about that. Apparently, Harrelson was under the impression that he would be promoting his new movie and not be responding to personal questions. The chat quickly unraveled when Harrelson was asked about a one-night stand he allegedly had 10 years ago. When Harrelson responded that he wanted to answer only questions about the film, members of the chat began flooding him with criticism and more personal questions. At this point, Harrelson's publicist took over responding for him. The publicist then answered only four out of the thousands of questions. Eventually, the comment thread of the chat looked more like a vicious verbal attack of the actor and his motives for participating in the AMA in the first place. Some people began calling for a boycott of his new movie. One user said Reddit should change the feature from Ask Me Anything to Ask Me Anything About Rampart. Another person summed up the actor's appearance on the site by saying, "This is the crappiest AMA in the history of the Internet."

Now let's talk about the Super Bowl.

The day before the biggest football game of the year, the New England Patriots released wide receiver Tiquan Underwood from their active roster. Most of us would be so heartbroken after making it that far that we would have very little, if anything nice, to say about the team that just let us go. However, Underwood surprised the world when he began tweeting about his former team saying, "This is nothing but motivation." He later added, "Good luck to the New England Organization, the coaches and all my teammates....#PatsNation." Underwood did not stop there. He continued to cheer on his former teammates during the entire game by live-tweeting to his more than 14,000 followers, including an extra 5,000 he got just after the Patriots cut him. He congratulated the defense on its big stops on third down and even mentioned some of the Giants' big plays. When people began noting his positive support for his former team, fans rallied behind the wide receiver, tweeting about the class he was showing and calling him a good sport. Some people even suggested that the Patriots' loss was because of bad karma. When people asked why Underwood took the high road and was not making disparaging remarks about the team that gave him his walking papers, he responded, "I'm rooting for the Patriots because I have class...envy gets you nothing/nowhere. Grow up people." Now Underwood has definitely left a mark on Super Bowl XLVI without even playing in the game -- a mark that will not soon be forgotten, because he kept a positive attitude.