This $15,000 Barbie doll is fit for a spoiled brat


Sorry G.I. Joe, you can't afford to take this Barbie doll on a date.

By Fox Van Allen, Tecca

What do you get the incredibly spoiled Beverly Hills pre-teen who has everything? Another designer paper bag? A $60,000 gold-plated smartphone? No, this year, give her a gift that could result in a dangerous number of skin abrasions: A $15,000 Barbie doll covered in fake diamonds, being auctioned for charity.

This designer toy, called the Pink Diamond Barbie Doll, was created by fashion mavens Phillipe and David Blond. Her hand-crafted bodysuit is covered in "gems," as are the doll's ridiculously high pair of high heels. She also comes with a full-length fake fur coat and a certificate of authenticity.

Proceeds from the sale will go to benefit the MAC Aids Fund organization. The current high bid on the doll is only $4,250, a 70% discount off its estimated value. Just be sure you factor in that $9.95 shipping and handling charge — that's how they get you.

This jewel-encrusted Barbie makes the perfect gift, provided you have five-digits to blow on a child's toy. Because hey, when you're rich, you can afford to leave four or five of these things behind in the country club's sandbox. Which reminds me — I should stop off in Beverly Hills on the way home.

[via Born Rich]


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