The best readers’ comments on Mega Millions

The Mega Millions $640 million jackpot produced three winning tickets on Friday night. After the drawing, as the nation began to settle down from its lottery frenzy, thousands of Yahoo! readers commented on not beating the odds in order to strike it rich.

Some of the comments were hilarious, others showed honesty. And, as always, a few were a little too disturbing for general consumption.

Here are the top 10 editors' picks:

10) Maggy (Providence, Rhode Island): "I guess 1,2,3,4,5 with a Mega ball of 6 was a bad choice?"

9) Stugots: "Oh well I was going to split it with all the Yahoo comment posters maybe next week."

8) Brian (Mt. Prospect, Illinois): "Guess i told my boss 'to shove it' a little earlier than i should have..."

7) Gracie: "I won Ten Dollars, Please no Phone calls."

6) Queenie: "Is any Lotto money still going to ED-Joo-KAY-shun?"

5) Norman: "Well honey, there is bad news and there is good news.......the bad news is that we didn't win anything in the MegaLottery......the good news is that we won't be hearing from your relatives."

4) AstroBoy: "I am glad it is over, now I can go back to fantasizing about women again instead of money."

3) Vik (Miami, Florida): "Only time I won a lottery was in 1972 when I was drafted into military service at #85. So did I win or did I lose?"

2) John Joe: "Now [the winners] can afford to buy gas."

1) Justin Kase: "At least not winning saves a whole lot of deleting of Facebook friends this morning."