Cat Power hospitalized in Miami over weekend

Chan Marshall, the singer, songwriter and occasional Chanel model better known as Cat Power, was hospitalized in Miami over the weekend for an undisclosed medical issue, her record label confirmed to Yahoo News. She has since been released.

Marshall—whose battles with demons are well-documented—posted a series of photos from the Mount Sinai Medical Center to her Instagram account.

"I used to love Mt. Sinai," Marshall wrote on Friday when she arrived. "#notanymore."

"Hospital food has never been so good," she wrote in the caption to an image, posted Saturday, of a tray of matzo ball soup. Marshall even uploaded a photo of her hospital discharge packet on Sunday.

On Monday, the Georgia-born singer tweeted "HEALTH TIME OFF = HOME IMPROVEMENTS"—linking to a photo of white sheets covering a lamp and TV in what appeared to be her Miami bedroom.

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Marshall, whose latest album, "Sun," was released earlier this month, did not immediately respond to a direct message on Twitter. A representative for Matador, her record label, said Marshall's hospitalization was "completely unrelated" to the mental health and substance abuse issues she's dealt with in the past, and that the 40-year-old musician is "doing well" and "everything is on schedule" for a world tour scheduled to begin in Miami next month.

In 2006, Marshall canceled a tour following the release of a Memphis soul album, "The Greatest," and checked herself into the Miami hospital's psychiatric ward after a breakdown related to alcohol abuse. "I was looking at death," Marshall later told The New York Times. "I wanted to die."

"When I went to the hospital, I definitely made a choice," Marshall told NPR earlier this month. "I think it made me a happier person. I think I enjoy life a whole lot more than I used to because I was wrapped up in fear and stress."

In March, while Marshall was finishing "Sun," she broke up with her longtime boyfriend, the actor Giovanni Ribisi. The pair had lived together in Los Angeles with Ribisi's 14-year-old daughter, Lucia.

In June, Ribisi, 37, married Agyness Deyn, a 29-year-old English model and singer. In an interview in The Fader published in September, Marshall admitted she was caught off-guard by the breakup:

For two days I couldn't really do anything. And my best friend from high school came down from Brooklyn and said, 'Get up, let's get on bikes, let's go to the beach, I'll make you a salad.' ... I said, I'm gonna cut my hair off [and] I cut all my hair off. And the next morning, I just felt like I could do it. Whenever I was younger and I would be like, How am I gonna get out of this situation? I always told myself, Well, you take your one foot and you put it in front of your other foot, and then you go forward into your f---in' future. So I had to get on the plane and go to Paris and finish [the record].

But in the promotional lead-up to "Sun," it appeared Marshall had reverted to old habits. After finishing recording, she traveled to Mexico with a friend. "We got a bag of weed, rented a house and just had a great time," Marshall said.

And in a profile published by Spin magazine this month, Marshall took the writer back to her apartment with a couple of old friends after a night of drinking tequila and proceeded to "lug her turntable out onto the balcony, play Nina Simone records, get high and watch 'Game of Thrones.'"