Chelsea Clinton to Sandra Fluke: I get it

Claudine Zap
Claudine Zap
The Upshot

Rush Limbaugh has done a lot of things over the course of his career, but female bonding would probably not be on the list.

And yet, there was Chelsea Clinton reminiscing with Sandra Fluke, who made headlines for her stance on contraception coverage earlier this year, over their shared Rush beat-downs.

The daughter of Hillary Clinton moderated a women in politics panel discussion sponsored by Glamour magazine in New York City that included the Georgetown University law student.

Clinton introduced Fluke by saying, according to BuzzFeed, "She and I actually have something in common: We both have been attacked by Rush Limbaugh." Fluke was called a "slut" by the conservative radio host for her stance that health insurers should include contraception coverage. The veteran of public life added, "She was 30, I was 13."

The conservative pundit lashed out at the White House resident back in 1993 when he said on his TV show, "Socks is the White House cat. But did you know there is also a White House dog?" Up came a picture of the president's daughter. He issued rare apologies on both occasions.

Clinton later delivered this zinger picked up by Twitter, "I do also believe that if you have the right type of enemies, you're doing something correct."