Jeb Bush speaks about aging father, George H.W. Bush

Mike Krumboltz
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Jeb Bush

In an interview with Charlie Rose on "CBS This Morning," former Florida governor Jeb Bush revealed that his father, George H.W. Bush can no longer walk unassisted.

Jeb Bush said his father, 87, is still good mentally, but "he can't walk... He has to, you know, he's help by a stroller... That's hard for a guy that's been so vital and vigorous in life."

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Indeed, there are few senior citizens as vital as George H. W. Bush. For many years, on his birthday, the 41st president made it his habit to skydive from an airplane. He did it for his 75th and 80th birthdays, as well as number 85 back in 2009.

In 2009, after landing, he joked, ""It's a great, exhilarating feeling... I don't feel a day over 84."

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In the interview, Jeb Bush commented on his brother's legacy as president. "There's a fine line between stubbornness and the positive side of that, which is dogged determination. And I think what people will begin to see is that he wasn't stubborn. He was totally determined and principled about it. And the country was safer because of it."

Bush also said that "under no circumstances" would he be Mitt Romney's pick for vice president.

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