Kermit and Piggy Fire Back at Fox News

Mike Krumboltz
The Upshot

Several weeks ago, Dan Gainor of the conservative Media Research Center told Fox Business host Eric Bolling that "The Muppets," the new movie starring Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy, had a liberal agenda.

"It's amazing how far the left will go ... to manipulate your kids to ... give them the anti-corporate message." Gainor went on to say that Hollywood is trying to brainwash kids. Bolling later apologized (sort of).

The film's villain is an oil baron named Tex Richman (Chris Cooper) who wants to destroy the Muppet studios in order to dig for oil.

The stars of the movie, Kermit and Miss Piggy, recently responded to the accusations. As Forbes reports, at a press conference in the U.K. for the movie's premier, a reporter asked Kermit how he felt about the charge that the film is "dangerous."

A sarcastic Kermit responded, "Oh, it's so dangerous! No, it's a funny thing. They were concerned about us having some prejudice against oil companies. And I can tell you that's categorically not true. And, besides, if we have problems with oil companies, why would we have spent the entire film driving around in a gas-guzzling Rolls-Royce?"

Following Kermit's comments, Miss Piggy chimed in. "It's almost as laughable as accusing Fox News of, you know, being news."

Kermit then said, "Boy, that's going to be all over the Internet." Good call, Kermit.