Secret Service escort scandal: More details emerge

·Claudine Zap

The scandal surrounding the president's Secret Service advance team in Cartagena, Colombia, which allegedly patronized prostitutes, is growing: There is word that more agents will retire. And some racy photos of one escort were surfaced by the New York Daily News.

Eleven agents and 10 members of the military allegedly consorted with escorts the night before the president's arrival for the Summit of the Americas. As a result, the Secret Service is seeking to fire one supervisor tied to the incident. Another is retiring, and a third will be allowed to retire.

More resignations are expected soon, according to Rep. Pete King, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee. King said, "It is our understanding the resignations could come today or tomorrow."

Because the prostitutes were required to leave their identification with the hotel where the agents were staying, 20 or 21 women have been identified with the scandal, including one woman who, as reported by the New York Times, was cheated out of her payment. As recounted in the story, the two agreed on an $800 fee for the night, but the next day, the man would only give her cab fare of about $30.

The woman, who called herself an escort because she is much more selective of her clientele, caused a fuss, asking the police to get involved and eventually left with $225. But not before the dispute reached the U.S. embassy, and the scandal quickly became public. Only later when the news broke did the escort realize the man involved was with the United States government.

She told the New York Times, "This is something really big. This is the government of the United States. I have nervous attacks. I cry all the time."

It's about to get even bigger: The New York Daily News has identified her as a 24-year-old single mother named Dania with a nine-year-old son. Racy photos from the site show the attractive brunette striking various poses, some in a bikini.

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