Holiday in London: Relive Scenes from ‘Bridget Jones’s Diary’

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The 2001 film "Bridget Jones's Diary" (for which a new book and movie follow-up are in the works) follows the titular heroine through the ups and downs of her love life from one holiday season to the next. A self-described "spinster and lunatic," Bridget keeps a diary to document a year's worth of dating disasters and memorable moments; in the process, she takes in the sights and sounds of many London hotspots as she celebrates the holidays with her friends and boyfriends.

Although the city is incredible at any time of year, Christmas lights and snow-covered lanes give London an extra element of magic and romance. If you're hoping to stage the perfect New Year's Eve kiss or walk winter streets bedecked for the holidays, here are a few ideal London locales Renee Zellweger visits in "Bridget Jones's Diary."

Shad Thames and Cantina del Ponte

For their very first date, Daniel Cleaver (played by Hugh Grant) takes Bridget to dinner at Cantina del Ponte in the historic Butler's Wharf building. Situated on the Thames, the restaurant offers incredible views of both the river and Tower Bridge, as well as ambiance and authentic Italian food. After you've dined, stroll along the cobbled Shad Thames, the picturesque walkway where Daniel and Bridget share their first kiss.

The Globe Tavern and Borough Market

Used as the exterior of Bridget's flat, The Globe Tavern is located on Beadle Street in the bustling Borough Market. The Victorian pub is quaint and quiet, and it's a great place to grab a bite or a pint while you take in the atmosphere. So full of local flavor are the buildings of Beadle Street that they've been featured in a number of films. Just across the street from Bridget's apartment is the shop front used as the Leaky Cauldron in "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban."

After you refuel at the pub, the market itself is a must-see. Renowned for its local and imported produce, Borough's many vendors sell everything from fruits and cheeses to coffee and homemade pastries. In the film, Bridget wanders through the aisles and buys the food she cooks with Mark Darcy (played by Colin Firth). The market streets and tavern are also visible in the later scene where Darcy and Cleaver fight over Bridget.

Momo and the Tate Modern Restaurant

Boasting incredible views of the Thames River and surrounding areas, the Tate Modern Restaurant is the location of Bridget's first dinner with friends. Well known as one of the finest art galleries in the world, the Tate Modern offers the perfect blend of culture and cuisine. If you're not in the mood for a full dinner, the views are still stunning from the riverside cafe and the third-floor espresso bar.

Situated on the Heddon Street walkway in London's West End, Momo offers North African and Mediterranean fusion fare. Sumptuously furnished with Moroccan-style decor, the fashionable eatery is the site the dinner during which Bridget tells her friends she's in love with Mark Darcy.

Royal Exchange Buildings

The final scene where Mark and Bridget kiss in the snow was filmed outside London's Royal Exchange. Though the half-naked Bridget appears to sprint from her apartment, the two locations are actually a mile apart and separated by the river, so wear your walking shoes! A shopper's paradise, the Royal Exchange is full of trendy, upscale restaurants and shops, including the Mont Blanc boutique where Mark buys Bridget a new diary. So after you've grabbed coffee or lunch, head inside and purchase your very own red journal just like Bridget's.

by Zoe Bauer

The Globe in London portrays the outside of Bridget Jones' flat in the movies. (Photo by Ewan Munro via Wikimedia Commons)

The picturesque Shad Thames walkway is a popular filming location in London. (Photo by Christine Matthews via Wikimedia Commons)

Bridget and Mark's snowy kiss happens in front of the Royal Exchange. (Photo by Aurelien Guichard/Royal Stock Exchange, via Wikimedia Commons)