Top 5 places to pop the question

Candlelight + flowers + diamond = YES. It's a formula that many a suitor has followed to happily wedded bliss. But for more adventurous grooms (and brides) -to-be, here's a list of memorable spots that are guaranteed to get a "yes!"

5) Balloon Rides Across America, Albuquerque, NM: If the idea of love and marriage has you floating on Cloud 9, then a hot-air balloon ride is just the ticket. Sunset or sunrise flights are available and last for 3 super-romantic hours (or super-awkward, depending on what the answer is).

4) Horse and Carriage Ride, Central Park, NYC: The hustle and bustle of NYC can be a little overwhelming (and hard to hear a proposal over). For that perfect quiet moment, take your honey on a horse and carriage ride on the secluded, winding trails of Central Park.

3) The Golden Gate Bridge, SF: If your head is in the clouds, but still want feel grounded, try a romantic walk across the fog-shrouded Golden Gate Bridge. With the city's lights shimmering in the background, who could say no to anything?

2) Boston Gondolas, Boston: No one can deny the romance of Italy, but in tough economic times, not everyone can afford to hop across the pond. Don't fret, romantics: The Charles River in Boston is ready and willing to stand in for the canals of Venice, complete with gondoliers in traditional hats and striped shirts.

1) Royal Gorge Bridge and Park, Canon City, Colorado: If you really want to take your partner's breath away, hike up to the highest bridge in North America. Pop the question, then take one of the world's longest tram rides up the Gorge walls. Who needs flowers and candlelight? (But don't forget the ring.)