Top 5 places to unplug

Smartphones, tablets, iPods, iPhones, laptops ... all day, every day, most of us are peering intently at glowing screens, pecking out emails, texts, tweets, updates. It's hard to believe, but there is a world outside of your virtual existence. Step away from the keyboard, unplug yourself from the Matrix and check out these top 5 places to unwind and recharge your batteries -- the non-lithium kind:

5) Hana Hotel, Hawaii: There's a reason it's called "Heavenly Hana." Located on Maui, Hana is 52 narrow, winding miles from the airport and boasts some of the best beaches on the island. With waterfalls, black sand beaches and cottages that don't include TVs, phones or radios, you won't find it hard not to check your email.

4) Mary Jane's Farm, Idaho: At this working farm in Moscow, Idaho, you will literally be unable to plug in -- there's no electricity. If you've ever had the urge to live in "Little House on the Prairie" with the Ingalls family, this is your chance. Mary Jane's Farm is way off the grid: accommodations are "Wall Tents" with a wood stove, outdoor kitchen and firepit, and an outdoor clawfoot bathtub. Prefer showers and toilets? Well, then, hoof it over to the outhouse and "showerhouses."

3) Treebones Resort, California: Perched above the Pacific Ocean in Big Sur, this resort is for those of you who want to get away, but not completely. No tents here ... technically. At Treebones, they call them yurts: "Circular fabric structures with wood lattice frames," to be exact. But unlike Mary Jane's tents, these yurts are tricked out electricity, running water and your own redwood deck. There's no TVs or Wi-Fi, but there is a pool and a sushi restaurant.

2) Little Palm Island and Spa, Florida: If yurts and tents aren't your style, then this upscale spa in the Florida Keys is for you. It definitely qualifies as "getting away from it all" -- you can only get there by boat and there are no TVs or phones. But that's where the rustic stops. Guests "unplug" in air-conditioned bungalows with living rooms, indoor/outdoor showers and balconies overlooking the ocean. Who wants to tweet when you can be playing chess on a life-size outdoor chess set?

1) Cataract Canyon: For those of you who are really serious about getting off the Information Highway should check out Cataract Canyon. This stretch of the Colorado River hosts some of the biggest rapids in the country, with names like "Little Niagara" and "Satan's Gut." You can zip through canyon on a one-day trip, or run the rapids for 3 to 6 days, complete with camping and hiking. So, drop the smartphone and pick up an oar -- the real world awaits.