What If You Could Drive 100,000 Miles on One Tank of Gas?

Stefan Doyno
What If?
What If You Could Drive 100,000 Miles on One Tank of Gas?

You’re driving down Route 66 when you look down and see 99,999 miles on your odometer – and then – it happens.


More and more drivers are hitting the 100,000 mark with a little maintenance, and a lot of gas.

Based on the average vehicle, with a 17 gallon gas tank and 23 mile per gallon efficiency, it costs drivers approximately $15,300 to travel 100,000 miles. As opposed to one gallon of gas that currently costs about $3.48 a gallon.

Which is why the “What If” team decided to kick it into overdrive. What if you could drive 100,000 miles on one tank of gas? It’s economical, it’s crazy, and it just might work.

Granted we’re working with averages here. Take a moment to think about 100,000 miles. That’s 20 round trips from LA to NYC for all you bi-coastal commuters out there and 250 gas-station stops along the way. Try to wrap your head around that road trip.

And to all you environmentalists worried about your carbon footprint, your carbon emissions would be cut by 25 percent. No more global warming? Well, we won’t go that far – but cutting down those carbon emissions can’t hurt.

Check out our latest episode to see what it would take to drive 100,000 miles on just one tank of gas. You’ll also get a sneak peek at what your future car just might look like. Hint: Your gas tank would have to be more than 4000 gallons to accomplish this challenge – meaning a full tank weighing in at 24,000 pounds.

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