Blonde Kendall Jenner makes surprise runway return at London Fashion Week Editors

It's back to the runway for Kendall Jenner

The supermodel made a spectacular runway return at London Fashion Week on Monday at Burberry's show, despite taking a two-year break from New York Fashion Week due to her anxiety.

However, the 23-year-old changed things up a bit by debuting a new 'do: A warm blonde hue that is a stark contrast from her natural black locks. It's a surprising move for Jenner, who's not known to change up her beauty routine like her famous sisters. 

Jenner has frequently opened up about her anxiety and her struggles with anxiety attacks when it comes to runway shows. "Last season I didn’t do any shows,” she said in an interview with LOVE magazine last year. “Just ‘cause I was working in LA and I was like ‘Oof, I can’t right now — I’m gonna go crazy.’ I was on the verge of a mental breakdown.”

However, most recently, the model made an appearance at New York Fashion Week, where she was feeling nostalgic and hinted at Milan Fashion Week: 

“It’s a lot more mellow to just go,” she told Vogue during an interview at Longchamp's Spring 2020 show this weekend, “but I won’t lie, today I was missing it. I was watching the girls and I was like, ‘Damn, I kind of want to walk.’"